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Pricing. HIDDEN SOLE will make every effort to obtain the highest reasonable price for the items and, in any event, will accept no less than the minimum price set forth in the agreement attached without approval by Consignor.


HIDDEN SOLE does not guarantee your items will sell whether expressed or implied. HIDDEN SOLE  sets appropriate prices on items based upon a combination of experience, knowledge of market trends, current resale values, the demand for the item, and its condition. HIDDEN SOLE retains the right to accept or decline any item for consignment at their sole discretion.


Percentage of Commission. HIDDEN SOLE will be entitled to retain a percentage of the sale price for all goods sold pursuant to this agreement. Our terms are a percentage of the sale based on the actual price when sold. You, the Consignor will receive 80% of the selling price. ______ (initials)  


Advertise. HIDDEN SOLE agrees to advertise item(s) and use other alternative marketing promotions to sell said items. HIDDEN SOLE further retains the right to advertise items for sale as they see fit.  


Condition of Items. HIDDEN SOLE will only sell, buy or trade items that are authentic, clean, and in excellent condition. Any defects should be brought to our attention upon presentation. If defects are discovered after an item has been consigned, HIDDEN SOLE may reduce price of item for a quick sale or return the item to the Consigner.  


Payment. Consignor can collect payment the 30th day of each month.


Monies not collected within one year of activity are forfeited to HIDDEN SOLE and inactive accounts closed.  


The Consignor is responsible for retrieving payment for items sold.     


Consignment Period. The consignment period is for thirty (30) days. _____ (initial)  


If your consignment period ends with no sale, Consignor must contact HIDDEN SOLE within fourteen (14) days to be reclaimed or to renew for another consignment period. Consigned items not retrieved after the expiration of their 30‐day contract and the passage of the 14‐day grace period may become the property of HIDDEN SOLE


Reclaiming your item. You MAY NOT reclaim any item before the end of your consignment period without penalty. The penalty is a flat $20.00. This is for our time and marketing efforts in taking your item in on consignment. _____ (initial)


HIDDEN SOLE does not telephone Consignors regarding their accounts. It is the responsibility of the Consigner to monitor the expiration date of your consignment items as HIDDEN SOLE does not have the resources to guarantee reminder calls.  


If Shipped Consigner is responsible for the cost of shipping.


Liability. If any item provided to HIDDEN SOLE for resale by the Consigner is found to be counterfeit or HIDDEN SOLE incurs any liability as a result of the sale of such an item, the Consigner agrees to indemnify HIDDEN SOLE for any damages including any theft, and all judgments, liens, fines, etc. _____ (initial)









Terms. HIDDEN SOLE reserves the right to review the terms of this contract and to make reasonable adjustments as necessary. HIDDEN SOLE also reserves the right to terminate this or any contract without notice.  


Our number one priority is selling your items at the highest possible profit for you. We want to make consigning easy for you – and us – so we can showcase them on our website to sell quicker for you.  


Please do not consign an item if you do not agree with our procedures.


I, the consignor, have read and agree to the conditions and terms of this contract. I understand that HIDDEN SOLE has the right to decline consignment of any item it does not deem as meeting HIDDEN SOLE standards for any reason including those not listed in this document.  


PLEASE NOTE: An items list will also need to be filled out and must accompany this form when listing any consigned items.  


Shipping Address is 651 E University Drive Carson, CA 90746


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